Partner with Entrepreneurs

PROJECT OCEAN, “Partner of Entrepreneurs”, supports tech startups in finance such as M&A, IPO and corporate finance.

Our Advantage


Focusing on Internet and mobile sector, Project Ocean provides investment banking services such as consultation in IPO and corporate finance and M&A (Merger and Acquisition) advisory.

01. Profound expertise and track records

Founded in 2006, Project Ocean has been supporting many clients in M&A deals and IPO regardless strong or weak stock markets. Our experience and knowledge lead your M&A, IPO and finances success.

02. On your side all the time

While Investment banks, commercial banks, and VCs play important roles in supporting clients in such financial activities , conflicts between their benefit and clients’ benefit may occur in some cases. By contrast, our service is only to support clients and our only interest is clients’ success. Whenever we advise you, it is to profit you.

03. Professional firm in financial strategy

With start-ups and public listed tech companies, we provide wide range of consulting in corporate finance issues such as capital structure, fund raising, IPO, buyout, trade sales and financial strategy. Our consultants not only advise but also execute them.

04. Domain knowledge and network in the Internet and mobile sector

Through challenging M&A and IPO with cutting-edge tech clients, we have been nurturing our network and educating ourselves on the Internet and mobile technology trends. These fundamentals back up you in business expansion as well as financial activities.

05. Access to Southeast Asia

Our network extends beyond Tokyo with clients and investors based in Southeast Asia. We propose M&A and fund raising to clients eyeing the Southeast Asian investors and markets. By offering our network and knowledge, Project Ocean helps you tap into markets in Southeast Asia.




Tomoya Hayakawa

President & CEO

Graduated Master’s Degree Course (in accounting) at Graduate School of Commerce, Kansai University After graduating, he joined Daiwa Securities SMBC Inc.(currently Daiwa Securities Inc.). He had been working at IPO Division for 5 years. With his expertise in IPO and outstanding achievements of 10+ IPO including billion dollar IPO, he founded Project Ocean in 2006. Since then, he has been a financial consultant for wide range of clients from public listed companies to startups.

Client Services


M&A advisory service

M&A advisory in buyout of a company or business

We provide full range of services in buyout; sourcing acquisition targets, devising acquisition scheme, estimation in valuation, negotiation and finalizing contracts by cooperating with your attorney. We will be a part of your M&A team and manage the entire project work. If your company engages full time M&A team, we will focus on advising from a standpoint of an external consultancy in validity of valuation based on our experience and previous cases.

M&A advisory work in trade sales of company or business

We entirely support your trade sales; sourcing potential buyers, devising deal structure, managing due diligence, negotiating and finalizing contracts by cooperating with your attorney. Understanding your intention, we promote the deal to maximize benefits of shareholders and members belonging to the business to realize ideal sales.

IPO consulting

Consultation to help clients satisfy prerequisites of IPO

We back up your IPO comprehensively as if we are an internal team of your company. Topics we typically deal with; capital structure planning and fund raising strategy, building up internal control and disclosure procedures, documentation, coordination in investigation by IPO underwriters and a stock exchange, creating materials for investor relations.

IPO consulting – list of major fields we support

  • Initial due diligence for IPO preparation
  • Introduction to auditor, underwriter, security transfer agents, printing company specialized in IPO documents, etc.
  • Consulting in internal control to fulfill the requirement to be sufficient as a listed company
  • Consulting in public disclosure including organizational structure and internal procedures
  • Consulting in legal documentation and documentation for the investigation by the stock exchange
  • Project management in the investigation by the lead underwriter of IPO and the stock exchange
  • Consulting in planning capital structure by IPO and fund raising strategy

Financial strategy consultation– list of major fields we support

We help clients of small, private companies to large, public listed companies in corporate finance. Tailoring to your needs in funding, we offer fund raising strategies and capital structure plan to build funding scheme, find investors and execute as it planed.

Financial strategy consulting – list of major fields we support

  • Consulting in business planning from financial aspects and equity story planning
  • Consulting in planning capital structure and fund raising strategy
  • Consulting in fund raising scheme
  • Introduction to investors, typically to VCs
  • Support in due-diligence by VCs
  • Administrative support and advice in equity finance

Executive search work

For companies recruiting executives

We provide recruitment services for senior management positions. For example, COO、CTO、CFO, and full-time internal auditor.

For applicants

We introduce talents to exciting job opportunities in internet businesses, mobile businesses, startups and listed tech companies.

Track Records



Space Market, Inc.

Listed on TSE Mothers
Dec 2019

freee K.K.

Listed on TSE Mothers
Dec 2019

Double Standard Inc.

Listed on TSE1
Nov 2018

and factory, inc

Listed on TSE Mothers
Sep 2018

Geniee, Inc.

Listed on TSE Mothers
Dec 2017


Listed on TSE Mothers
and NSE Centrex
Oct 2017

Happy Elements Holdings

Acquisition of Grimoire
Oct 2016

Valuedesign Inc.

Listed on TSE Mothers
Sep 2016

gumi Inc.

Listed on TSE1
Dec 2014


Listed on TSE Mothers
Jul 2014

FreakOut, inc.

Listed on TSE Mothers
June 2014

Nekojarashi Inc.

Apps Developer division
acquired by DTC
June 2014


Listed on TSE Mothers
Oct 2012

Drecom Co., Ltd.

Mobile contents division
acquired by C.A.Mobile
Mar 2012

CONIT Co., Ltd.

Acquired by mixi
Nov 2011


Acquired by GREE
Nov 2011


Preferred stock
Nov 2011

GaiaX Co.Ltd.

Acquisition of
Blog division of DRECOM
Oct 2009

Drecom Co., Ltd.

Acquisition of JKEN
Apr 2007

mixi, Inc.

Listed on TSE Mothers
Apr 2006

Company Features


Company Name

foundation in 2006/03, demutualization in 2009/06

ARK Hills South Tower 16F 1-4-5, Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0032

Registered address
Shibuya markcity West 22F 1-12-1, Dogenzaka Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 150-0043

Tomoya Hayakawa, President & CEO

Business Portfolio
  • M&A advisory
  • IPO consulting
  • Executive search work
Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare permission number fee-charging employment placement business 13-ユ-305435